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28 May 2013

Stop Working and Start Having Fun.

When I am in the zone, I’m in the zone and there is no stopping me. When it comes to leading a small group or running an event, sometimes I get so into it and want everything
14 May 2013

Student involvement leads to ministry ownership…

We all want students to talk about our ministry, to love our ministry and to tell others about our ministry. I believe a good way to do that is through ownership. The more you utilize the students,
14 May 2013

Hey Brent…

As Youth Pastors we are constantly doing a lot of different things. And many people need, want and are even counting on us to do something for them. Co-workers Parents Students Lead Pastor The list could probably
14 May 2013

Who comes first, students, parents or volunteers?

If there isn’t a healthy balance there will be diminishing returns in one or more of these areas. Without volunteers the amount of relationships being made will be lower. Without volunteers resources are limited, ideas are limited,
14 May 2013

Meet my family

Here is a little bit about my family. I am 34 and I have been married to my highschool sweetheart, Christine, for 11 years. Together we have 6 kids… yes that is a lot and once you