It’s Sunday… again.

I wrote this years ago when I was in the role of media director, however the same still holds true. It’s a friendly reminder for me, and if you volunteer, are part time or full time, I hope it’s a friendly reminder for you as well.

Saturday setup, drink coffee or some kind of caffeinated drink, early Sunday morning tweaks and fixes, stress out on whether or not volunteers will show up, step in for volunteers that don’t show up, partially sit through the message but get distracted by how your team is doing, try to fix broken equipment, train a new volunteer, pathetic attempt at worshiping, little to no fellowship with others, fix sound issues, fix lighting issues, close out service, tear down and setup for youth night, 1hr lunch, pass out from exhaustion, more caffeine, tweaks and fixes for youth, tear down and go home.

Where is God in all of this? Did he show up and I was just to busy to experience His presence?

I find myself, at the end of any given Sunday, on the edge of leaving work and leaving church. Shouldn’t there be a very distinguishable line between the two? I work diligently so others can have a genuine, casual, friendly experience of God and His love for them. But in the midst of it all I have missed God. I have missed out on worshiping Him, I have missed out on really hearing His word and I have missed out on seeing blessings being poured out onto others.

Church plants are hard, and ministry work within a church plant is even harder.

A balance needs to be found and the scales should lean more towards faith in God. Not towards stress, not towards worry, not towards broken equipment or volunteers who couldn’t make it and not towards how much we can attempt to do without involving God.

At the end of the day we should find ourselves in awe of God’s glory. In awe of what He has accomplished. But what if we don’t?

What if it was just another Sunday?
How do we step out of our ministry work and into God’s presence on Sundays?
How do we balance our ministry responsibilities and our responsibility to worship and adore God?

Here are some key elements to tipping the scales:

Everyday should be enveloped with communication between you and God. Even more so on Sundays, before He brings the harvest. Pray with your staff and than pray with your teams.

Holy Spirit
Draw strength, wisdom and guidance from the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to show up and do the impossible. Realize that without the Holy Spirits presence, hearts wouldn’t be moved and lives wouldn’t be changed. Believe that He will show up and do a great and mighty work in everyone that’s within His presence.

None…NONE of what you are doing is by your own strength. Your gifts, your wisdom, your talent are all God’s blessings. And He wants you to use them with excellence but that’s not going to happen if you remove Him from the equation. Stop trying to do it all and draw from God.

Step out of the role of ministry leader and into the role of “congregant”. Create and build up leaders around you, so that you can step away from the “work” and into a holy place of worship. If you aren’t able to worship on Sunday you are missing a vital part of growth in your relationship with God.

And at the end of the day remember that you are a part of something larger than yourself. Remember that where ever and how ever you are serving, it is vital to the growth of God’s Kingdom.

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